is an engineered novel collagen formula that contributes to satiety and promotes wellbeing.


Weight management is a central pillar of wellbeing and health-conscious consumers choose lean diets that are often not filling. Based on the established COLLinstant® collagen brand, Viscofan has used its expertise to design SatisCOLL® as a unique collagen powder that contributes to satiety without gastrointestinal side effects and in addition promotes wellbeing.

How SatisCOLL® contributes to satiety
– a dual mode of action

Mode 1

SatisCOLL® is a natural collagen that swells in the acidic medium of the stomach where it absorbs water and gains volume, thereby causing a sense of fullness.

Mode 2

SatisCOLL® is a slow digesting protein with retarded absorption & metabolism and a long retention time in the digestive system, which leads to a longer lasting satiety.

Key facts about SatisCOLL®

  • White bovine collagen powder of dermal origin
  • Intact natural protein structure
  • Small molecular weight with an average particle size of 300 µm
  • Recommended daily intake: 2×10 g daily (e.g. weight control bars as meal replacement)

Key benefits


Food manufacturer

Stand out with novel SatisCOLL® health foods!

Viscofan is the only supplier of bovine collagen for satiety and wellbeing. Let’s move health food forward together - stand out in the market with your innovative SatisCOLL® formula!

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