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COLLinstant® LMW

is a novel cosmeceutical with low molecular weight collagen peptides that promote skin beauty ‒ fast, efficient and effective.


Based on the established COLLinstant® collagen formula, Viscofan has developed COLLinstant® LMW as a highly efficient collagen hydrolysate with a low molecular weight ≤ 1000 Da and a favorable peptide profile according to the latest scientific knowledge. Its clinically tested fast and profound effects on skin appearance, the ease of use and its high acceptance rank COLLinstant® LMW as next generation cosmeceutical.

A novel collagen: bioactive di- and tripeptides make the difference

In contrast to regular collagen hydrolysates, COLLinstant® LMW contains a high amount of glycine and proline-rich peptides (Gly-X-Y).

These small, bioactive molecules are a major advantage over regular collagen formulas: They mediate a quick and efficient uptake in the digestive tract, are highly bioavailable, and feature an enhanced stability & efficacy especially in the skin.

Here, they serve as building material and stimulator for the synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid that lead to an improvement of skin appearance.

Skin improvements in clinical study

The standard recommendation for normal molecular weight collagen food supplements to achieve skin & anti-aging improvements is a daily intake of 10 g over a period of at least 6 months.

Low molecular weight collagen with a high content of bioactive tri- and dipeptides is more effective with a quicker onset: In a low dosage clinical study, a daily intake of only 2.5 g COLLinstant® LMW for 6 weeks was sufficient to elucidate beneficial effects on skin health: The low molecular weight formula led to a significant reduction of wrinkles, a considerable increase in skin hydration as well as to modest improvements in skin elasticity.

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Moving cosmeceuticals forward 
with low molecular weight collagen peptides



Move forward with this exciting new collagen cosmeceutical!

COLLinstant® LMW is the first bovine collagen hydrolysate with a beneficial amino acid profile. Stand out in the collagen beauty ingredient market with this superior novel formula for skin beauty.

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