Functional ingredient


for easy processing


Our ultrapure, quality-controlled, ISO-certified bovine collagen peptides provide the ultimate freedom for the formulation of nutraceuticals, such as capsules, sachets, shots or gels. Moreover, COLLinstant’s® unique processing properties enable even technically challenging food design, e.g. for nutricosmetics or health food supplements.


Clean Label Product


≥ 96% Protein


Quickly Soluble

A dust-free formula provides excellent free-flowing
properties and is quickly soluble — even in cold water.

The hydrolysate powder consists of agglomerated particles of defined size (250 μm) that possess excellent dispensing and dosing properties
and are therefore ideal for processing.

Read our technical note describing the advanced production process of COLLinstant!

Ideal dietary


As part of an active lifestyle, many consumers count on protein-enriched diets to achieve healthy aging, support skin beauty or improve their mobility and fitness. In their food choices, they rely on the established beneficial effects of collagen.

COLLinstant® is the optimal functional
food for health-conscious consumers:

Its hydrolized collagen type I & III peptides contain a unique composition and high amount of essential building blocks, such as the amino acid proline for healthy joints, bones and connective tissues. In addition, the taste- and odor-free small peptides (~3 kDa) are easily digestable and provide an exceptional bioavailability.

Amino acids VALUES [g/100g]
Aspartic acid 6.11
Threonine 1.58
Serine 3.02
Glutamic acid 10.07
Proline 13.51
Glycine 23.9
Alanine 9.7
Valine 2.26
Methionine 0.64
Isoleucine 1.43
Leucine 2.91
Tyrosine 0.72
Phenyalanine 1.96
Ornithine 0.14
Lysine 3.88
Histidine 0.65
Arginine 8.23
Taurine <0.05
Hydroxyproline 11.17
Cysteine < 0.05
Hydroxylysine 1.05

As described in current literature, the daily intake of collagen peptides, such as
COLLinstant® has a beneficial effect on mobility, fitness, aging, and beauty.

for a global community


Viscofan serves to all ethnicities around the world.

Our COLLinstant® therefore contains only Halal/Kosher additives and no pork or alcohol components. In addition, we offer COLLinstant®Halal for Islamic markets. It is produced in a separate, strictly regulated process that starts with certified Halal bovine skin splits. All production steps up to the ready-to-use hydrolysate powder are compliant with World Halal Food Council (WHFC) regulations and the final product is certified by an accredited WHFC representative.