ABOUT COLLinstant®

Natural collagen peptides
for healthier diets


Building on 90 years of collagen expertise, Viscofan has created COLLinstant® as a collagen peptide alternative of superior quality for protein-enriched diets.

COLLinstant®  is the optimal functional food for health-conscious consumers: Its hydrolized collagen type I & III peptides contain a unique composition and high amount of essential building blocks, such as the amino acid proline, hydroxyproline and glycine for healthy joints, bones and connective tissues. In addition, the taste- and odor-free small peptides are easily digestible and provide an exceptional bioavailability.

Lots of valuable amino acids that
support mobility, fitness and beauty!

Amino acidsVALUES [g/100g]
Aspartic acid6.11
Glutamic acid10.07
Cysteine< 0.05


Advanced production ensures optimal food processing & product features
of COLLinstant® collagen peptides

Viscofan produces collagen products at industrial scale for 90 years and has established an advanced technology for the production of its premium collagen peptide hydrolysate COLLinstant®. All steps are quality-controlled and comply with international ISO-regulations:

1. Start with collagen extraction from premium
raw material

It starts with raw material of highest quality – bovine skin from traceable sources – that is split to obtain the collagen-rich dermal layer. In a proprietary process, very pure collagen type I fibers are extracted, thereby preserving their natural structure.

2. Gentle processing generates the valuable,
small peptides

By gentle thermal conversion, collagen fibers are opened up and processed to shorter protein subunits called gelatin. Enzymatic digestion of gelatin generates hydrolyzed small peptides – the readily bioavailable source of collagen-specific building bricks for the body.

3. A drying technology makes the difference
in product features

The last production step employs a state-of-the-art drying technology that yields agglomerated collagen peptide particles of defined size. The resulting collagen peptide hydrolysate COLLinstant® is highly soluble even in cold water, exhibits neutral taste, is easily digestible and ensures best processability properties, such as clean, easy dosing and free-flowing & low-dust properties.

4. The result: a clean-label product, safe and hypoallergenic

The gentle processing of very pure, natural bovine collagen type I & III results in a remarkable absence of odor or taste in COLLinstant®. As a clean-label product, our unbleached collagen hydrolysate contains no additives or preservatives, resulting in a light yellow powder that is virtually allergen-free.


The basis: safe bovine material

Viscofan obtains its bovine raw material from countries where BSE risk is negligible. The feed stock is free of genetically modified organisms (GMO-free).
We use bovine skin that has been classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a category 4 tissue with no detectable infectivity (same level as milk). This assessment is also shared by the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

Proven industrial process – trusted for decades

Our expertise in collagen production is based on 90 years of experience in collagen handling and processing. The in-house manufacturing of food grade collagen covers the entire workflow from processing of bovine skin splits to the ready-to-use collagen product. The industrial production process ensures a consistent high quality of all our collagen-based biomaterials.


Our quality control management has multiple certifications!
DIN ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001, BRCGS Global Standard for Food Safety


Halal and Kosher - Serving the world with COLLinstant®

COLLinstant® contains only Halal-certified additives, no pork or alcohol components. In addition, Viscofan offers COLLinstant®Halal for Islamic markets. It is produced in a separate, strictly regulated process that starts with certified Halal bovine skin splits. All production steps of COLLinstant®Halal up to the ready-to-use hydrolysate powder are compliant with World Halal Food Council (WHFC) regulations and the final product is certified by an accredited WHFC representative.

COLLinstant® also complies with the regulations of Kosher food production.

COLLinstant® has a clinically proven effect on joint health & mobility

In a clinical study with 120 osteoarthrits patients, COLLinstant® was effective in reducing pain, inflammation, and analgesic use, while at the same time increasing joint function and overall quality of life. With its high acceptance as soluble, easy-to-use powder, COLLinstant® is an effective nutritional supplement to support the maintenance of joint health and mobility.