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The Viscofan Group is the world leader in casings for meat products with distribution in more than 100 countries around the world. Casings are an essential ingredient for the food sector when producing sausages, frozen meat and other foods.

Germany-based Naturin Viscofan is the center of excellence for collagen products within the Viscofan group. We apply partly proprietary technologies and standardized extraction methods to process collagen from bovine skin for the development and industrial-scale production of novel collagen biomatrices in research, medical and food grade.

Building on more than 85 years of experience with collagen production, our team of experts has developed COLLinstant®, a bovine collagen type I hydrolysate of exceptional quality that meets the demands of the global health food market.

In a global supplier network, we offer COLLinstant® on industrial-scale for a broad variety of applications, such as nutraceuticals, nutricosmetics or food supplements.


“Viscofan takes the view that its leading position in the highly competitive world market must be sustained by cutting-edge efforts in research, development and innovation so that the company can continue to spearhead the artificial casings industry and create value for its various stakeholders.”


At Viscofan, we target international markets for our collagen type I products
and are represented by distributors in several countries.

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